About the Project

TeamUp Bexhill is a project run by Rother Voluntary Action (RVA) in the Bexhill area, East Sussex. We support community action, organise local events through our volunteer events group (BEST), offer training courses and workshops, and offer help and advice to individuals looking to set up or organise community activities.

Our Achievements

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Sussex Digital Awards

In April 2017 we achieved a Silver Award in the school, education and charity category at the Sussex Digital Award 2017.

Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code 2017

In July 2017 we were awarded the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code 2017 for our promotion of safe fun in the sun at our many outdoor events.


First Aid Training

"I wanted to thank you for the First Aid Training course that was provided for our volunteers. It was a concise and informative course, and the trainer left us feeling confident to be able to handle a First Aid emergency at our group - for the children, their adult carers and our volunteers."

Pizza Making

"Lovely atmosphere, mainly due to the way you conducted it - very relaxed and friendly. "

Photography Group

“We have thoroughly enjoyed [the workshops] and learnt so much! I have already started practicing the skills and tips [the tutor] showed us, and I look forward to experimenting with Lightroom to make my photos the best they can be.”

Bexhill Gala

“Would love for there to be more like this at Egerton Park, well done to all involved. [my child] thoroughly loved it. Longest time I think I’ve spent in the park, hope it happens again.”


“Thank you again, and well done for helping to provide some really invaluable services to the community!”

Lunch Buddies

Since joining this group I now have friends who I meet up with regularly, attend other groups, music events, set up an allotment"

Lunch Buddies


“I really look forward to Fridays now, I didn’t think I would but I do.”

Charity Fun Day


“It’s been great! We got to speak to the Mayor for 25 minutes, find out about local funding, and raised £60 for our cause.”

Social Media

"Really helpful service that provides fantastic and varied events that my children (and I) have loved. Also some great initiatives to get Bexhill community to come together. RVA have my full support."



We are looking for the views of our community. We would like to know what groups, services, events and more, you'd like to see in Bexhill.


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