With the on-going heatwave and exceptional high temperatures, Age UK is encouraging people across Sussex to look out for their older neighbours and relatives.

Here are the Charity’s top tips staying cool and well in the warmer weather :

1. If you have neighbours or relatives who live alone, visit or phone to check that you are not having difficulties during periods of extreme heat. It’s important to be aware of friends and neighbours during a heat wave and to let people know if you are on your own and have any concerns.

2. Stay inside during the hottest time of the day – late morning to mid-afternoon. If you do go out use sunscreen of factor 15 or above, wear a hat and stay in the shade if possible.

3. When inside, try to keep your house cool. Keep curtains and blinds closed in rooms that catch the sun.

4. Avoid or limit strenuous activities like housework and gardening – try to do these activities when it’s cooler in the early morning or evening.

5. When travelling always carry a bottle of water and drink lots of fluid even if you aren’t thirsty. Limit drinks with caffeine and avoid alcohol as it can make dehydration worse.

6. Watch what you eat. Eat normally but try to have more cold foods, particularly salads and fruits as they contain a lot of water · Also be careful when eating outside. Be careful when barbecuing.

7. Choose the right clothes. It may sound obvious, but light-coloured, loose cotton clothing can help you stay cool in the heat. Dark colours absorb the light and can make you feel even warmer.

8. Think about your feet. Allowing your feet to breathe is important when the weather is hot so wearing open toe sandals is an excellent way to stop your feet getting sweaty and smelly.

9. Cool off with water. Remember to take cooler baths or showers. Try splashing your face with cool water or placing a damp cloth on the back of your neck.

10. Check for weather forecasts and temperature warnings on TV, radio and online at www.metoffice.gov.uk

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